Supply Chain Issues Causing Too Much Stress?

Trying to find the parts you need to meet production and delivery schedules keeping you up at night?  Maybe we can help.

Supply Chain challenges aren’t creating a bit of stress, they’re creating A LOT of stress!  

While we take great pride in our inventory planning and on-hand available stock, current times are unlike any we’ve experienced in our 30-plus years in business. Extended lead times (often without notice), materials shortages/allocations, transportation delays and, oh yes, a global pandemic, have combined to create a marketplace that’s in scramble mode.  We’re all feeling it.

One of the benefits of buying from a distributor is on-hand inventory, often from a variety of sources.  While a manufacturer sells the product they make, they typically are not going to offer alternatives from other producers.  A distributor can help you identify and procure comparable items if your primary choice is not available.

Our staff of product specialists are available to review specifications and your application to suggest options if the item you typically buy cannot be delivered as you need it.  We understand that there may be a number of considerations involved in making the right choice to support your needs.  We’ll ask the questions to make sure we’re delivering a good answer.  It’s what we do whether we’re working with you and your team from the beginning of a project or hopping in to help in the midst of a global crisis.

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