Case Studies

Tree Stump Grinding

Custom Carbide Components

Our customer had developed a stump grinder attachment for their product offering and had been using standard stump grinding components widely used through the industry by many manufacturers.

HNBR Hydraulic Spool Seal

HNBR Hydraulic Spool Seal

Our customer was using a urethane spool seal for a hydraulic control valve. A new design to the valve resulted in increased temperatures exceeding the capability of the urethane being used. Frictional forces needed to be kept as low as possible to prevent high shifting forces.

Construction Excavator

Double Lip Shaft Seal

Our customer was using two seals installed back to back and was having issues with leaks. It was found that the seals were occasionally installed such that the seals were not back to back - allowing for leakage. A double lip design was developed to fit in the same groove and provide fail safe installation as well as a component reduction.

Glass Manufacturing

Glass Coating Application FKM O-Ring

A glass manufacturing facility was having trouble meeting production and quality requirements. The glass was produced with streaks and smears. The issues were not noticed until the glass was installed all over the United States, which caused millions of dollars in repairs.

Parker Seals' Zero Leak Hydraulic Rod Seal

Zero-Leak Hydraulic Rod Seal Package

Hydraulic cylinder manufacturers are constantly being challenged to provide product with dry running rods. Between government regulations and customer satisfaction, a solution was needed to improve the hydraulic rod sealing package.

Resilon Polyurethane Material - Hydraulics

Resilon Polyurethane High Performance Material for Hydraulic Sealing

Parker's proprietary Resilon polyurethane delivers unequaled resilience, strength, and thermal stability. This translates into superior performance from Parker hydraulic seals.

Resilon D-Ring Seal from Parker Seals

Resilon D-Ring Hydraulic Seal

Assembly is easy! The unique "D"-ring shape provides sealing in critical areas while reducing the chance of the seal being cut in installation. This hydraulic seal assures proper installation versus the traditional multi-component seals.

Parker Press-in-Place Seals

Parker Press-in-Place Seal

Inherently self-retaining, Parker Diamond Seal molded seals are designed to be used in molded or machined grooves for face sealing applications. A smaller footprint and narrow cross section result in high seal pressures, low closure forces, and narrow groove width requirements. The unique design optimizes material usage, making Parker Diamond Seal molded seals highly cost-effective. In addition, they are particularly forgiving when mating surfaces are less than perfect.

Low Temperature Polyurethane - Equipment in Snow

Cost Effective/Low Temperature Polyurethane

Parker P5065 polyurethane meets the performance demands of the agricultural equipment industry. Parker's P5065A88 low temperature polyurethane is formulated specifically for the agricultural industry. After carefully listening to the needs of leading agricultural cylinder manufacturers, Parker has combined the most sought after features of seal materials into one compound.

Metal Substrate with Molded Rubber Seal

Molded Rubber Seal Onto Metal Substrate

R. E. Purvis & Associates, Inc. and Parker Seal provide rubber bonded to metal solutions. This is a superior solution in many instances where a current rubber metal combination arrangement will not work. The flexibility of this option makes it a valuable asset when considering what design to use in your application.