Our customer was using two seals installed back to back and was having issues with leaks. It was found that the seals were occasionally installed such that the seals were not back to back - allowing for leakage. A double lip design was developed to fit in the same groove and provide fail safe installation as well as a component reduction.


The customer was using a single lip shaft seal design to seal off two different pressure cavities. Installation required specific orientation of the seal to create a leak proof joint. Operators were having difficulty identifying the proper orientation, and when the seals were installed backwards it resulted in leaks.


A custom, dual lip, geometry was developed so that only one seal was required for installation. The new seal had a visual identifier that indicated proper installation and was visible even after the seal was installed so that operators could double-check their work. The custom part fit in the same groove as the prior seals but resulted in a fail safe installation and lowered costs due to the switch to a single component.

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