A major life sciences manufacturer was experiencing leakage around a plastic cover face seal. This caused the equipment in the enclosure to be exposed to moisture and dirt. This resulted in field failures and increased warranty claims.


The plastic sealing cover could not exert enough force to deflect the face seal, causing leak paths around the cover. Moisture and dirt ingressed through these leak paths, causing corrosion and field failures in this piece of equipment.


Reinforcing the plastic cover was not possible with this customer. This challenged us to engineer an innovative seal solution. Low closure force was absolutely critical to achieve positive results in this application. R. E. Purvis & Associates, Inc., in conjunction with Parker TechSeal Division, provided a superior solution to this application issue. The solution was to provide a hollow core seal that minimized closure force, yet affected a good, tight seal. This engineered sealing system proved successful and reduced field failures and warranty claims.

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