The change from free chlorine to chloramine as a primary means of disinfecting potable water is causing NSF-certified seal materials to degrade, spawning performance issues and warranty claims for water-handling equipment manufacturers.


Potable water systems were experiencing early field failures, leading to an increase in warranty claims and reducing customer satisfaction. Utilization of chloramine in potable water systems was attacking seal materials. Seal degradation can result in loss of sealing properties in a short period of time, due to chloramine exposure. 


Parker Engineered Materials Group has developed many new compounds of chloramine-resistant materials, both standard and lubricated. Parker's chloramine-resistant materials will provide significantly longer useful seal life compared to all other tested materials. This can reduce potential warranty claims in many potable water handling applications. Parker's chloramine-resistant materials are tested and certified by NSF International and are available in both standard and custom shapes.

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