Inherently self-retaining, Parker Diamond Seal molded seals are designed to be used in molded or machined grooves for face sealing applications. A smaller footprint and narrow cross section result in high seal pressures, low closure forces, and narrow groove width requirements. The unique design optimizes material usage, making Parker Diamond Seal molded seals highly cost-effective. In addition, they are particularly forgiving when mating surfaces are less than perfect.


An off-road vehicle manufacturer was experiencing assembly issues when inverting a plastic cover. The plastic cover had a seal groove with an elastomeric seal. The seal repeatedly fell out of the groove once the plastic cover was inverted. This led to extended assembly time and drove up assembly costs.


R. E. Purvis & Associates, Inc. recommended going to a press-in-place seal design. We were able to incorporate retention features into the design without modifying the cover gland using Parker seals. The seal stayed in place when the cover was inverted, increasing assembly throughput and eliminating frustration.

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