Parker's innovative external coating, ParkerSlick, was designed to provide excellent adhesion and friction properties beyond that of standard PTFE coatings. It not only serves as an identification aid, but also reduces drag friction during installation and dynamic applications. Its uses are broad enough to accommodate any market and application, from general assembly lines to critical hydraulic valves. ParkerSlick is dry to the touch and does not flake off. It comes in an array of contrasting colors which can be used to help distinguish between similar parts on assembly lines.


A large turbocharger manufacturer was having recurring field issues, where routine sensor replacement was prevented by the o-ring on the sensor bonding into the mating bore of the turbo. This caused the fragile plastic body of the sensor to be damaged during the extraction process, due to excessive force being applied to remove the seal. This minor maintenance issue turned into a major repair, requiring removal of the entire turbo assembly from the engine.


Parker constructed a test plan using actual sensors and various FKM compounds and coatings. These parts were assembled into an aluminum bore to simulate the turbocharger body and application. The results demonstrated that V1289-75 material did an excellent job of resisting permanent bonding to the aluminum bore when used with a ParkerSlick coating. The customer implemented the V1289-75 material with ParkerSlick for both field service fixes and in production parts, resolving the problem.

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