Assembly is easy! The unique "D"-ring shape provides sealing in critical areas while reducing the chance of the seal being cut in installation. This hydraulic seal assures proper installation versus the traditional multi-component seals.


A major hydraulic valve manufacturer was experiencing field failures that were driving up warranty claims and associated costs. The main issue was improper installation of the multi-component seal; the back-up ring was installed on the wrong side of the elastomeric seal.


R. E. Purvis & Associates, Inc., in conjunction with Parker Seal, investigated the issue at the customer's assembly plant. We were able to provide a superior solution using Parker's Resilon 4300 polyurethane D-Ring. This one-piece Parker seal design eliminated the chance of assembling the product incorrectly. This, along with the long-wear resistant properties of Resilon 4300 polyurethane, eliminated warranty claims and extended hydraulic seal life.

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See how we can help you today!