Parker's proprietary Resilon polyurethane delivers unequaled resilience, strength, and thermal stability. This translates into superior performance from Parker hydraulic seals.


A major hydraulic cylinder manufacturer was experiencing field failures due to leakage of the rod seals. This manufacturer used a high temperature powder coat painting system. Their current hydraulic rod seal material would take a substantial compression set once run through the paint system. This compression set caused the rod seal to lose contact with the rod, which resulted in the hydraulic cylinder leaking.


R. E. Purvis & Associates, Inc., working with Parker Seals, recommended a switch to Resilon 4300 urethane for this customer's hydraulic rod seal applications. Resilon 4300 offers an expanded temperature range over traditional urethane materials. This resulted in improving compression set resistance that enabled the rod seal to maintain lip contact, which eliminated the leakage issue for the customer.

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See how we can help you today!