R. E. Purvis & Associates, Inc. and Parker ISS Division offer innovative sanitary gaskets and seals for use in clamping sanitary pipelines together in order to keep business running smoothly and effectively.


Traditionally, when a standard seal is clamped into a sanitary fitting, it is suspect to intrusion and/or loss in compression; this can lead to particle breakdown and result in contamination and costly biological issues.


Parker hygienic sanitary gaskets solved that problem. The hygienic sanitary gasket design provides maximum sealing pressure under minimal seal load, reducing the risk of product scrap or recall. The outer clip allows a single technician to snap our gasket in place and assemble the BPE hygienic clamp union anywhere in the processing system. Parker's overmolded gasket design stabilizes the gasket material, eliminating the need for a technician to tighten the clamp assembly with pliers, a screw driver, or customized cheater bars. The result of the Parker design extends seal life, reduces down time, and diminishes costly maintenance.

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See how we can help you today!