Parker EPS Division delivers value for life science customers with over forty years of experience in engineering, material science, and manufacturing custom shapes, seals, and components.


A major medical equipment manufacturer was finding it difficult to connect with a "one stop shop" seal component manufacturer. Their requirements were as follows:

  • Registered to ISO 13485
  • ISO Class 7 and Class 8 clean rooms
  • Thermoplastic tubing extrusion
  • FEA design
  • Application engineering


Parker EPS Division has all the capabilities to meet the laundry list of requirements, as detailed in the problem section.

  • Moldable polyurethanes
    • Resilon 4300 and 4301
    • Molythane 4615
  • Extrudable polyurethanes
    • ALC95A - natural, and up to 40% BaSO loaded
    • ALC78D - natural, and up to 40% BaSO loaded
  • Machinable polymer-filled 0618 PTFE

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See how we can help you today!