Semiconductor O-Rings Seals & Bearings


Supporting both static and dynamic applications, high performance o-rings for hydraulic, pneumatic, and vacuum devices are available for use in the fabrication of semiconductors. Utilizing ultra-high purity materials to meet the ever-demanding applications in support of the semiconductor market, R. E. Purvis & Associates, Inc., in assocation with our vendor partners, offers a wide range of material options.

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Parker O-Rings

Parker O-Ring Division is one of the world's largest manufacturers of O-Rings. R. E. Purvis & Associates, Inc. and Parker O-Ring Division have the engineering capabilities to solve the toughest O-Ring applications. Ranging from cost-effective options to the most complex material choices, R. E. Purvis and Parker O-Ring Division do it all.

Parker PTFE Seals

R. E. Purvis & Associates, Inc. is a recognized Sealing Technology Center for Parker PTFE Seals. PTFE has been the material of choice for applications requiring ultra-low friction, chemical compatibility, and functional use over a wide range of temperatures. For these reasons, PTFE is an excellent choice for use in fluid sealing applications.

Igus iglide Bushings & Bearings

R. E. Purvis & Associates, Inc. is proud to provide bushing and bearing solutions from Igus. Igus is a premiere manufacturer of plastic bushings and bearings. Igus has a cost effective solution for your bushing and bearing needs. Igus is tooled in thousands of metric and inch sizes.

Semiconductor Sealing Solutions

R. E. Purvis & Associates, Inc., in partnership with Greene Tweed, offers many clean material solutions for the semiconductor market. Greene Tweed's Chemraz is offered in many varieties and is available to match your application needs. Selecting the optimum sealing system for semiconductor production equipment requires matching application requirements and application conditions with seal compound properties and design.

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