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We work with Parker to solve the toughest o-ring applications. Engineers around the world choose Parker o-rings to keep their equipment running safely and reliably in a variety of industries including:

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No matter what your specifications are, we have the material in stock to provide the best possible o-ring solution.


Temperature Range: -70 to +180F for Low Temp, -35 to +275F for High Temp
Design Strengths: Silicone greases, cold water, general purpose sealing, petroleum oils & fluids, ethylene glycol-base fluids

Fluorocarbon (FKM)

Design Strengths: Temperature resistance up to -15 to 400°F, broad chemical resistance, specialty formulations with low temperature grades down to -35, -40 & -50°F, high variety of unique, niche market formulations
Example: VG109-90 for low temperatures and RGD resistance (EOG market), less known for, but excellent, in vacuum service and for gas permeation resistance

Ethylene Propylene (EP or EPDM)

Temperature Range: -70 to +250F
Design Strengths: Water & steam, nuclear (radiation), life science (food, medical), weather & ozone, dilute acids & bases, brake fluids, aircraft hydraulic fluids

Silicone (VMQ)

Temperature Range: -65 to +450F most compounds
Design Strengths: Dry heat due to excellent compression set resistance, electrical resistance or insulating, ozone and weather resistance, some petroleum oils, low temperature, food applications (FDA approved), medical applications (USP Class VI approved)

Hydrogenated Nitrile (HNBR)

Temperature Range: -25 to +300F, -55 to +300F for low temp
Strengths Compared to Nitrile: ozone resistant, improved wear resistance, hot water resistant, HFC refrigerants (R134a)

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