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Engineered Seals

Semiconductor Seals, Axial Seals, & More

We will design the best possible Parker engineered or semiconductor seal that matches your application parameters. If special tooling is required, then we will look at our factory options and find the right fit. We have factory locations all over the world. If price is a factor, we can look towards an LCC (low cost country) to provide a quality solution at a reduced price. If the engineered seal is strategic and of a critical nature, we can look to one of our more technically superior factories for their support.

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Parker Engineered Seals

R. E. Purvis & Associates, Inc., in conjunction with Parker Engineered Seals Division, offers a variety of application specific seal designs. From press in place seals to highly engineered, critical sealing designs. We offer full engineering services, gland design, seal design, FEA, testing, and seal verification.

Semiconductor Sealing Solutions

R. E. Purvis & Associates, Inc., in partnership with Greene Tweed, offers many clean material solutions for the semiconductor market. Greene Tweed's Chemraz is offered in many varieties and is available to match your application needs. Selecting the optimum sealing system for semiconductor production equipment requires matching application requirements and application conditions with seal compound properties and design.

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