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About Us

R.E. Purvis & Associates, Inc.

Providing You With the Parts You Need to Make Great Products

At R.E. Purvis, we simplify the task of sourcing high-quality components. Whether you're certain of what you need or seeking guidance, our experienced engineers are ready to direct you towards the optimal solution for your specific application.

Experience You Can Trust

Since 1990, R.E. Purvis & Associates, Inc. has grown to become the Upper Midwest's premier seal and related components distributor. Trusted by top manufacturers in a variety of industries, our 34 years of technical experience allows us to provide innovative solutions for even the most stringent of applications.

Unrivaled Customer Support

To ensure ultimate customer satisfaction, R.E. Purvis, along with our vendor partners, manage supply of product throughout the entire life cycle of the application. We offer quick prototype turnaround, testing support, FEA, logistical planning in accordance with supply chain needs, and warranty monitoring for quality and reliability you won't find anywhere else.

Family Values

When your family name is on the business, earning and preserving a reputation means a lot. We pride ourselves on our service and commitment to you. That's why when you partner with R.E. Purvis, we don't act as a supplier, but as an extension of your organization - ensuring you have the parts you need, when you need them.

Industries We Serve

R.E. Purvis boasts a wealth of experience across diverse sectors, offering unique, innovative solutions and expertise that can meet the rigorous demands of virtually any industry. 


We are your partner in delivering value throughout your supply chain performance with high quality products and custom engineered solutions that lower your total cost of production.


Lead times vary based on many factors, including product type, material, market conditions, etc. Please contact us for current information.

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