Tungsten Carbide Products

Tungsten_Carbide Tungsten_Carbide

Tungsten Carbide Products

R.E. Purvis & Associates, Inc. partners with CP Carbide, a world class manufacturer of tungsten carbide products. Tungsten carbide can be utilized in a variety of applications to improve performance due to its abrasion-resistant properties and ability to withstand high temperatures. Offerings include:
-  Milling Bits & Blocks
-  Grinder Tips
-  Wear Parts
-  Cutting Systems
-  Custom Tungsten Carbide Products

Tungsten_Carbide Tungsten_Carbide
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Tungsten Carbide Bits Explained

Tungsten carbide bits are a type of cutting tool used in a variety of industries for drilling, cutting, and shaping hard materials such as metal, wood, and plastics. Tungsten carbide bits are made from a combination of tungsten carbide and...

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