Machined PTFE parts

Machined PTFE

PTFE Seals, Gaskets, O-Rings and More

R. E. Purvis & Associates, Inc. partners with such suppliers as Parker Seal, T-Lon, and others to provide superior products to the industrial market. Our suppliers can design and produce custom machined PTFE parts, PTFE coated parts, and PTFE encapsulated elastomeric seals. Our technical staff, in conjunction with expert manufacturers, will help guide you to the proper design for your application. R. E. Purvis & Associates, Inc. would like to help, whether you have a need for a low friction seal that can withstand high speeds and/or pressures or you have a high temperature or caustic chemical application.

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Parker PTFE Seals

R. E. Purvis & Associates, Inc. is a recognized Sealing Technology Center for Parker PTFE Seals. PTFE has been the material of choice for applications requiring ultra-low friction, chemical compatibility, and functional use over a wide range of temperatures. For these reasons, PTFE is an excellent choice for use in fluid sealing applications.

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