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Retaining Rings

We are proud to partner with Rotor Clip, the largest retaining rings manufacturer in the United States. Retaining rings offer a cost-effective method of eliminating threaded fasteners. Our stock of Rotor Clip's full line of product offerings makes it easy to select the right ring for your application.

Tapered Section Ring Tapered Section Ring
Constant Section Retaining Ring Constant Section Retaining Ring
Spiral Ring Spiral Ring
R-Ring R-Ring
Wave Spring Wave Spring
Hose Clamp Hose Clamp

Retaining Ring Offerings

A tapered section retaining ring is a robust and reliable component used to secure parts onto shafts or within bores, suitable for a wide range of applications due to its design. 

The unique tapered design provides a more secure fit and better load distribution, which is particularly beneficial in high-stress or high-vibration environments.

Improved load distribution reduces the risk of deformation and increases the overall durability of the retaining ring.

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A constant section retaining ring, also known as a snap ring, is characterized by its uniform cross-sectional thickness throughout its entire circumference, which allows for straightforward installation and removal using standard tools.

These retaining rings are typically more economical to produce and purchase compared to more complex designs and are reliable for a wide range of applications.

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These retaining rings act as an artificial shoulder seated in a groove on a shaft or contained within a housing. Spiral rings are a coiled product, allowing for flexibility in sizing and alloy selection. 

They stand out for their ability to provide 360° contact in multi-turn configurations, space savings without assembly lugs, and the flexibility of standard or custom configurations. 

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This retaining ring is used to secure parts onto a shaft or in a housing or bore. E-Rings are relatively easy to install, and they offer a cost-effective solution compared to other types of fasteners. Their design allows for a compact installation, saving space in mechanical assemblies.

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Wave springs are a type of compression spring made from flat wire that is coiled in a wave-like pattern. This design allows them to occupy significantly less axial space than conventional round wire coil springs while providing similar or even superior force and deflection characteristics.

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This is a type of hose clamp designed to maintain a consistent clamping force despite changes in temperature and pressure. These clamps automatically adjust to variations in the hose diameter caused by thermal expansion, contraction, or material relaxation. This self-adjustment ensures a reliable seal over time and under different operating conditions.

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Retaining Rings Retaining Rings
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