Retaining Rings

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Retaining Rings

We are proud to partner with Rotor Clip, the largest retaining rings manufacturer in the United States. Retaining rings offer a cost-effective method of eliminating threaded fasteners. Our stock of Rotor Clip's full line of product offerings makes it easy to select the right ring for your application:

-  Tapered section retaining rings
-  Constant section retaining rings
-  Spiral retaining rings
-  "E" Retaining Rings
-  Wave springs
-  Self compensating hose clamps

Retaining Rings Retaining Rings
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Coiled or Stamped Retaining Ring

Selecting the appropriate type of retaining ring, whether coiled or stamped, depends on the specific requirements and conditions of your application. Here are some key factors that might lead you to choose a coiled retaining ring over ...

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