Radial Shaft Seals, Exclusion Seals

Radial Shaft Seals

Shaft Oil Seals, Lip Seals, Radial Oil Seals, & More

Ranging from simple rubber wipers to  complicated cartridge seals, our depth of offerings and our highly experienced technical sales staff can help you find the right seal for your application. If you need a custom solution, our low tooling prices and short lead times make it easy to tailor a radial shaft seal solution for you. Partner with us for successful problem-solving on your next application.

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Exclusion Seals

R. E. Purvis & Associates, Inc. offers many radial shaft seal solutions when working in dirty, grimy, yucky environments. The trick is to keep the dirt and grime away from your critical moving components. The best seal would be a weld, but then your equipment would not move. You need to find a balance between exclusion and friction. The staff at R. E. Purvis has a depth of experience in these applications.

Radial Shaft Seals

R. E. Purvis & Associates, Inc. has a long running relationship with Tobar, Inc. Tobar is an outstanding supplier of radial shaft seals. Applications, ranging from single lip, simple designs to high RPM, high heat, challenging designs. R. E. Purvis and Tobar work hand in hand to provide a timely, cost effective solution.

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